Kingston upon Thames – electricians

Appliance repair and electrical services at your disposal!

Electrical services in your neighborhood – call us and we will arrive within 60 minutes or less. Whether it is wiring problem, lighting failure or broken appliance – our experts electricians will come to rescue, with proper equipment and will to fix it.


There is something to be said, about installation of copper wires, going through your walls all over the apartment. They obviously important, and can be dangerous if you do not handle them properly.
Let us do that for you! We are skilled electricians with experience and tools necessary to everything needed around the wiring.


Making sure that there is light instead of darkness – our working motto, but most of all, our calling. We can be within an hour, to help you with any type of electrical illumination. We come prepared and ready to work out the problem, no matter what it is.


Electric appliances were novelty in the last century, now they are something we assume just is, and works. But it is not as simple as that. They are pieces of more or less intricate technology, and sometimes you can not just plug and make them work. That is where we come in – install, repair and maintain all the appliances for you.



We take pride in our work, so we provide one year (12 months) of guarantee on our services. We take our job and our clients serious – we will not fail you!



For a good start with our company, we offer 10% discount for new clients! There is also incentive for long time customers – contact us about 15% loyalty discount.



Emergency electricians in case of urgent electrical failure – that is us. Arriving at your doorstep as quick as a lighting, and taking care of every electrical problem you might have. Day or night – does not matter, call us at any hour.

Kingston upon Thames area

Your local electricians


At your service!

We are here for you, passing through your neighborhood many times a day.

We provide professional electrician services:

  • Wiring and lighting repair
  • Appliance repair
  • 24/7 emergency electrician
  • Testing and inspections

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